Monthly Memberships

We have now launched our brand new band membership system. This will completely replace the old system that previously used monthly silver and gold cards. As before, the only class exempt from all membership bands will be the class at Lee Valley Athletics Centre.

Bands will be aimed at anyone who attends classes regularly throughout the month and will continue to be the best way to save money if you train with Parkour Generations regularly.

With any band purchase, you will also receive a discount code that you can use to get 10% off your next order at our Online Store(link) during the month of your membership!

From 1st November 2012 there will be three bands to choose from:

Silver (Indoor Only)

The silver band will allow you to attend as many indoor classes as you like for the whole month. If you attend 6 indoor classes in a month then every class after that would effectively be free with this band. A silver band is £45.

Gold (Outdoor Only)

The gold band will allow you to attend as many outdoor classes as you like for the whole month. If you attend 7 outdoor sessions in a month then every session after that would effectively be free. A gold band is £65.

Platinum (All Access)

The Platinum band will offer unlimited access to all classes included in the membership scheme throughout the month, including the fitness class on Saturdays which was previously exempt from the membership system altogether. The fitness class is still available as a pay as you go class but the only way to include it in your monthly membership is with the Platinum band. With the Platinum band you could attend over 30 classes throughout the month for the price of 11 classes. If you attend any more than 11 classes in the month then effectively every class after that becomes free. A Platinum band is £85.

Month to Month

Bands will be replaced for each month of the year, so November's bands will be a different colour to December, which will be different to January and so on.

Where To Get Them

Bands can be purchased at any time for upcoming months and are available almost any of the Parkour Generations coaches, just ask the coach for more details at your next class or you can purchase one below using PayPal.

If you buy a band during a month for the current month then there is a small discount available, as shown in the table below, but we recommend buying a band at the beginning of the month or before the month begins to get the best value.

If you have any questions about the band system, please send an email to or simply ask any of our coaches at your regular class for more information.

You can pay for your band online using PayPal below and once we receive your payment receipt we will email you to ask which class you will be attending next and ensure you can collect your band from the coach there.

Monthly Membership Bands

Please note that we can only offer full band prices online for the upcoming month, if you wish to purchase a band for the current month at the discounted price please see a coach in person at a class