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Night Mission Lessons

Authored by JamesAdams on Friday 20

This is a guest blog post from regular Parkour Generation's Academy student, Katie Sandford. Katie participated in the last Night Mission Challenge, and wrote the below to summarise her experience. Thanks Katie!

Authored by Andy Day

My position on energy drinks is not something I've kept quiet about. Before I get started, understand this: if I were a top-level athlete and an energy drink came knocking, I would have a really hard time turning them down. This makes me sad. Hopefully this confession of hypocrisy will give you an understanding that I appreciate the difficulty that energy drink sponsorship creates. Now that's out of the way, hear this.

Authored by Dan on Tuesday 12

We live in a strange world.

If you want to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a shaper of people's minds in a school, there are considerable and rigorous processes to go through to qualify to do those things - and rightly so, as such individuals are putting themselves in a position of responsibility and have a duty of care to the people who come to them for help.

So why, I ask, do we not think the same processes need be in place for coaches of physical disciplines?

Distillation: Refining the Spirit of Parkour

Authored by Albert Kong

This is a guest blog entry written by Albert Kong. It can also be viewed at his own site here. Thanks, Albert!

There are problems with the way we talk about “philosophy” in parkour. We have dozens of platitudes and one-liners about what parkour philosophy is, but often I feel like they’re not rigorous or well thought out. Here’s why.

Authored by Dan on Tuesday 13

It was the final Q&A session following a talk I'd given to a corporate group on personal growth and risk-taking, illustrated with examples from my own experiences of being involved with the unusual profession I've chosen for myself, when this particular question was put to me, quite earnestly:

'What would it take for your organisation to work with a company like Redbull?'

Authored by Dan on Tuesday 13

This past week has seen us introducing parkour in various ways to one of the world's largest annual professional fitness events, the Idea World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles, USA – and having a great time while doing so.

Authored by Drift on Tuesday 23

I recently moved from London to Abu Dhabi in the UAE and am blown away by my new city. The beach is on my doorstep, it rains about once a year and everybody is so friendly. But enough about the city; I wanted to use this blog to big up the Arab Parkour community as I think it is under-represented on the world scene. 

Authored by Dan on Monday 22

What drives a traceur to break a jump, knowing that if they miss the only thing being broken might be their ankle? What makes some people drive very fast, or smoke, knowing that it raises their chances of dying? Why are some individuals cautious with money, while others gamble away cash they don’t even have?

Authored by baneparkour on Thursday 11

I’ve enjoyed physical conditioning for almost as long as I can remember. As a child I built a tree house without ladder access- the only means of entry was an 8 foot rope climb. From climbing trees I would naturally end up adding in pull-ups and swing drops etc… all of this was a natural extension, a by-product of time spent doing other things.

Authored by Juwad Malik on Friday 28

A while ago I interviewed several traceurs for a piece on parkour injuries. There was a lot of variety amongst the injuries presented, the vast majority of the injuries I encountered were definitely not dramatic, and there were no major themes. However, everybody had sprained an ankle, at least once. So here are the basics.

Anatomy of the Ankle

(refer to the first picture at the end)

The Injury