So you're training every chance you get and progressing rapidly.

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One day, disaster strikes.

Outside, you pretend that it's all cool. 


Inside, you're like this.


The doctor/physio tells you that you need a to take time off to recover. Reluctantly you agree. In the meantime, messages from your friends about going to new spots, training and mastering techniques, makes you miss training even more.


But before you know it, you can train again! The first day you step into the gym, you think, how old are these kids and what the heck are they doing?


It's a big blow to your ego but you know that you must, you must keep up the training.


Some days when you can't achieve what you used to be able to easily do, you just want to disappear.


Or take it out on something around you.


But do keep a sense of perspective.


And before you know it, you'll be back on your feet again.


*Wishing all my brothers and sisters in training who have gone through injury - a fast recovery and keep your spirits up!