As traceurs, we are a rare breed of people looking for challenges and pushing ourselves to new limits everyday. Whether this be breaking a new jump, leaning far enough forward on the kong to clear our hips, doing a palm spin for the first time, or learning to walk on rail.

Pushing ourselves to over come these challenges is how we progress. We continue to learn about ourselves, build confidence, and find our limits. But, the question that springs to mind is:
Are we doing enough? 
I recently started a new job working at a sports science gym, where the owner grabbed all the trainers for a meeting. He began talking about challenges and how we as humans need to push ourselves past our breaking point to truly find out who we are and what we can do. In our terms, it is not enough to just break a jump or learn a new skill. We must find and get past our breaking point.
For every individual in the gym, he requested that twice a year, we each perform what he called a 'Masugie Challenge'. 
So what is a 'Masugie Challenge'?
The best way to describe this is to provide the two examples he gave.
(1) Hike up to the closest hill or mountain. Look in the distance and pick the farthest hill or mountain you can see.That is your destination.
(2) Head to the beach, pick the farthest island you can see. That is your destination.
The goal of these challenges is to push yourself past what you believe are your limits. These challenges are not necessarily something that you can complete in a day or even two days, and maybe you can't even complete it at all.
You are truly trying to find your breaking point. This will help you as an athlete and more importantly will make you a better and stronger person.
All the trainers at the gym, including myself, will be performing our first challenge in December. Not yet sure what it will be, but I know as a result, I will be a better athlete, person, and traceur.
Are you challenging yourself enough?
- me