I have recently returned from holiday, in April and August of this year I was lucky enough to visit New York and then Los Angeles respectively. While parkour was not the reason for these trips I couldn't go all that way and not at least check out some of the areas. So I made contact with some of the guys in each location with the aim to be able to spend at least one day with them so I could not only see the different places these traceurs train but also so I could see the differences in other pk communities outside of London. Now while I didn't really have much of an idea what these places were like before hand I was able to leave having seen some cool areas and met some cool people that I hope to visit again one day.

I would like to use this as a way for me to say a big thank-you both to all the NYPK guys and all the PKCali guys (and girls) who showed me round their spots, allowed me to come train with them and were genuinely friendly and helpful people. This got me to thinking that while the online image of the pk community is sometimes perceived as continuous message board arguments over slight differences and little details, the reality is a much nicer place where even a complete stranger can find a friendly and most importantly open and helpful environment which im grateful to be a part of. Hopefully I'll be able to visit even more places in the future and meet up and learn from even more of you guys!