Take a deep breath,

Look at the palms of your hands,

Exhale, let your hands come into focus,

Breathe normally, be very aware of yourself - the feeling in your chest,

Keep this awareness of self and allow your senses to tune into your immediate surroundings, the space around things and the silence beyond the noise,

Be absorbed by the quietness inside you,

Stay with it and feel at ease with what is.

You're here now


This exercise was designed to unplug you from a world of noise, information addiction and overload, from a mindscape clouded by an incessant internal monologue.

Caught in a stream of thoughts you regret past action, hope for the future and struggle with the present moment. This monologue is normal for most of us but nevertheless it is somewhat senseless: The past is gone (it's just a memory), the future isn't here (it is but a theory: an endless string of possibilities and most of what you fear will never come true). The only thing that really exists is the present moment.

As you tune into the present moment any tension you have will drop away, noisy thoughts will disappear and your senses will pick up things you never noticed before. A symphony of impulses cascade through the sensory cortices of your brain - painting a landscape of light, sound, touch and subtle beauty.......life

Practicing present moment awareness or 'mindfulness' as it is called by some, brings many benefits to those who care enough to invest in it: Calmness, ease of movement and improved decision making are just some of the highlights.

What's stated is a simple process for a powerful state of mind and should be kept as such. You do not have to believe in it or think it through as It's as easy as stepping back and silently observing life.

Exit the cloud of thoughts...........enter the quiet moment.

Let me know how you get on.


Resources: These guidelines come from many sources; including books, talks and personal experience. For those new to practicing present moment awareness this blog may be sufficient, however I find that author Eckhart Tolle gives the easiest to follow instruction for those who want to deepen their appreciation of it.