The poets...

Perhaps they would have understood today's beauty?

The warmth of the sun on my skin

The swish of fabric as I vaulted railings, the metal passing under me from right to left, my body flowing over them

The energy simmering in my muscles

The wild flowers in the graveyard

The ease and lightness of my movements

Clothes cool and flowing

Sitting, satisfied with what is and what has passed

The crumble and melt of lemon polenta cake

Watching happy people go by

Perhaps you would understand?


Poetry: It's possible that in your mind the name is linked with the writings of overly sensitive souls pondering ever more flowery descriptions of everyday life - Someone who you may have nothing in common with?

We are all capable of poetic thoughts and those thoughts can enrich our lives.

Forgetting about making it rhyme or constructing its rhythm to iambic pentameter, poetry is essentially a tool to refine the senses and to make what you feel a tangible experience for someone else. You can heighten your awareness of self by describing the experience in terms of "touch", vision, emotion etc.

Could a traceur impart a technique or the essence of flow in this manner?

Don't be concerned - be creative! Relax, tune in to your feelings and write.....