Every day I train, every day I discover more and more about my body and capacities… I am in a really pleasant period of my life about parkour, I get to know myself more, get some confidence in my movements, and get a lot of surprises from what I can do.

Now is a moment of my life when I can train a lot. I’ve never done that before, never had the time, the will… Never thought I would do so much some day… I didn’t know the reactions of my body from intense training… And I start to see… Rather positive.
That makes me want to push more, to see how far I can go. I realize I don’t know myself… and I’m eager to know more. I’m building confidence, power and strength. I’m starting to aim always further, to see bigger, and push my limits.

Everyday I discover, I experience, I learn, and I love it.

I want to thank my circle of friends who help me everyday through my training progression, those who help me discover what they already know and what makes them live.