So first of all, a bit of honesty: while I'm writing this blog post, right now, I have no idea, no inspiration to write about. This is strange because, I  always have some theories, observations bouncing around in my head, in between thoughts of what other food items I can mix with peanut butter, and regular day dreaming stuff. But recently I find a strange blank space where these thoughts were.

First this alarmed me...was I losing touch with training? Am I getting bored of Parkour now? Like I have been bored with many other things I tried to get into years ago, and walked away from them. I was scared, nervous and delirious. I was scratching these questions on my bedroom wall, with my own finger nails while repeatedly whispering them to myself over and over (excessive dramatization for entertainment purposes). I realised in the end that I was just kinda sick of thinking and analysing training all the time. Recently, my mindset is more about the act of training itself. I'm not concerned with what shoes to wear or constantly researching about nutrition and conditioning. I feel like I know what I need to do, I just have to do it.

I love my Parkour friends here in Glasgow. I enjoy training with them a lot. But also I realise, when you're out training as a group of friends, what happens is you end up standing around and talking about a jump and analysing it into atomic detail. “It's a tricky one cause it's angled like this.” or “It's like this other jump over there but different cause this elephant is in your way and when you land there, the wall might crumble under your feet.” and all that. Maybe this is familiar to you all or maybe not. But sometimes this happens even when you're training alone, in your head. I'm guilty of this as well, I used to be hooked on this dangerous drug...but I'm finding it really counter-productive these days.

I realised, thought itself sometimes hinders the action greatly. I believe sometimes we think too much. It's easy to go on and on about any aspect of training and discuss it and read about it and come back to the discussion with all the 'facts' we've just read about it. But what about just doing it? Trying it? Having simple goals and doing what we need to do to reach them rather than chatting about it all the time? Why not just look at a jump and think simply “Yes.” or “Not today.”. I think it might be time to quiet down all the voices, go out and worry less. Try to think less, analyse less and move more.

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