It happens to every practitioner at some point....because of a botched landing, not paying attention to your step or sometimes overtraining...snap! You have an injury. Unfortunately for us traceurs/freerunners, who are involved in a high impact activity, we're quite prone to injuries. Small twinges and sprains are a part of our lives, they come and go, you get used to it. But now and then, you'll get something serious that might put you out of training for a while.

Well, not necessarily. I mean the “out of training” bit, this is what I'm trying to get at. I'd like to think that there is always something you can train. Our training teaches us how to adapt to our environment and move, but ideally we need to carry the same mentality with us and apply it to every aspect of our life.

Unfortunately I have been plagued by injuries during these last 2-3 months that has kept me from performing at my full capacity. It is, more than anything, extremely frustrating to not being able to move properly. I celebrate movement in all it's form, playful, powerful, creative. Being forced to sit at home with my foot up on a pillow, while my mind is racing through possible new moves and combinations I can try on a rail just 10 minutes walk from my flat, is just torture. It's depressing to be honest. One can go to very dark places in his mind in a situation like this.

But the point is to be able to come through challenges like this stronger. This time spent with injury made me focus on various other elements, like visualising movement more in my head (I remember reading a neuroscientific research paper about how important it is to visualise a skill in your mind as well as to physically practice it), my strength conditioning and diet. I started to read more about these topics, incorporated new ideas and spent more time on my conditioning and cleaned up my diet quite a bit. I believe this process made me a better athlete and a stronger person by keeping a broad mind and improve myself as a traceur when I couldn't go out and practice technique.

As time passes and I feel like I can get back to training, I don't feel as worried as I did when I was first injured. I felt like I would just end up forgetting everything, my technique would degrade and I would end up as a fat slob who watches bad TV and eats way too much cheesecake. As I'm starting to get back into movement slowly, I realize I'm moving stronger, feeling inspired and excited. I know I've gotten stronger and learned many new things, so it's all about spending time to put all that into practice....and I have a nice long summer ahead to do so.