I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed the last month!!! It's been absolutely jam-packed with good people and good energy - vibrant and rewarding to the extreme... So this will be a pretty short post, but the photos may hopefully bring a few smiles to a few faces!

July has been a productive month on the Women's Parkour front - with PKG celebrating both our biggest womens outdoor class to date (21 including myself and Annty!) and our biggest womens jam-stroke-BBQ taking place today - the community continues to grow and its truly cool to see everyone contributing, representing and bringing great vibes..! Present along with the London girls we had Southampton, Saiyans, Canterbury and the Leipzig guys representing and bringing us great entertainment and f***ed up handstands..!!! So... what's wrong with THIS picture?!?!

In addition, loads of the veteran girls are back in town and back on form - man its awesome! ;D To be back in action after injury-time is indescribable, even more so alongside mates :) Inspired by a massively fun Monday class this week... Add to all of the above some Ibizan sunshine, a few successful cat-leaps, night missions, a traceuse gathering, old mates - and new ones, beautiful nasal-breathing barefoot-running sessions, a motorbike, some kick-ass live music and you have one very happy Tracey ;D Thanks to everyone I've met or spent time with this month for making it a good one... Suffice to say that good times = good training.