Morzine, a small town in the French Alps left me fascinated by its beautiful scenery. Everything looks so fresh, the mountains, the snow on the top, the trees, the big open space, the river, the fresh water from the well which tastes so delicious, the chalet with its rustic and cosy interior and the pure air that I had to adapt to after spending so much time in a polluted environment.

One week intense but enjoyable training (7 -9 hours with Forrest and Blane) in such an environment is refreshing for body and soul and it changes the perception of the usual urban training. There is no place where parkour can`t be practised, but training in both, the natural and the urban environment makes the training more complete.

We were 21 guys and two girls sharing the same experience, no matter of our level, experience, gender or age. It was a real pleasure to see that we as a "group" became a real "team" in just a few days. Together we went through all aspects of the training (joy, achievement, pain, frustration, disappointment, progression, individual and collective improvement, game etc.) but always ending the day with a smile.

One particular game I really enjoyed was “Blane`s tag game”. I still remember him coming closer and closer trying to catch me but....... :-)

On the last day we experienced something I believed was impossible, Blane instructed us to Monkey walk backwards 500 meters on a very steep hill, it just didn`t seemed right nor possible but congratulations to everybody, we all managed. We were so determined and full of adrenaline that after completing it we even managed to do 23 press ups (one for everybody in the team ;-)

Thank you for everybody involved, it was a great time.