Don't climb on that! Come down from there! It's too dangerous! You'll fall! Don't touch that! As children, exploration is second nature, discovery is key to learning, new experiences shape the person they'll become as adults. But as fear, caution, and worry factor in, we apply restrictions to a natural learning curve. This is more predominant now in a world saturated with gadgets and gizmos. TV's, MP3 players, games consoles, Internet. The youth of an era long gone had restricted TV time and only the fortunate had an Atari or later a Commodore 64.

Imagination and creativity were abundant. Parks were full rain or shine, trees were for climbing, building tree houses, tying a rope and a log to, to make a makeshift swing on. Kids would build go-carts, kites and sleighs and hit the outdoors with friends to try them out. Concrete jungle left behind for nature walks, fishing for sticklebacks and bugs in ponds and lakes, digging for treasures at the beach. Playing hide and seek, bull dog and tag. Rounders in the park, football and catch.

Plaster casts were a common sight worn by proud owners with amazing stories to tell to adoring fans queueing to sign it. Trophies from an adventure remembered. Breaks would heal and adventures picked up where left off.

It's taken this long for researchers to find that encouraging kids to take risks makes for more savvy well rounded young adults.

So take a walk to somewhere new, climb a tree, encourage the younger generations to go out explore and have fun with your guidance. See the world through a child's eyes, without restrictions and limitations self imposed or otherwise. Switch off the noise, reflect on your goals, dreams and ambitions.

Pick up a book and read it start to end.

Go out at night, take a walk, train, look up and appreciate the stars in their celestial formations.

The world is a truly amazing place, so make time to take in its beauty. These bodies we've been loaned, utilise them explore their limits... play. And create memories that will live with you forever.