As our shoes are pretty much the only piece of ‘equipment’ we need for our discipline it comes as no surprise that there are continuous debates about which are the best to wear for Parkour. There have been trends along the way and no doubt someone will discover a new favourite soon, but I decided to do a little survey to find out what everyone is wearing now. Below is a list of the shoes that 50 of my traceur friends (girls and guys) around the world are wearing most often ordered by most popular:

12 Nike Darts (although many people preferred the older versions such as the mark V)

10 Puma FAAS 300

7 Feiyue

5 Kalenji Eikiden 50

4 K-Swiss Si-18

3 Asics GT Ultra

3 Kalenji Vision

2 Nike Free Run

1 Puma Cabana II

1 Kajenji Success

1 ‘Asics Badminton shoes’

1 New Balance 373

These results show that there are a few shoes that have become popular amongst traceurs, but there are similarities between them. We prefer cheap shoes that have good grip on the sole that will not rip off after a few uses. Some are also chosen as they aid ‘touch’ – the ability to ‘feel’ landings through the shoe.

Invariably, the shoe preference is a matter of personal choice. Do you want to improve anything specific in your training? Do you just need a pair that will last? Hopefully, the list above will help your decision as these have all been tried and tested. If you need a little more help, go here. Happy training!