So it seems that Winter may finally be behind us, and Spring touches body and mind to bring that perennial renewal on so many levels. And for most of us the passing of the cold seasons is a thing to be celebrated, as training becomes easier again and we find it a real pleasure to be out in the sun all day, under blue skies, with colleagues and friends to share the hardships of the discipline with.

But perhaps we should, in at least some small way, mourn the end of those icy morning runs and chill evening sessions? Isn't it then, when all those conditions are urging you to head for home and give up the day, that you can really dig deep and master the self? That's a ready-made challenge right there, a daily test provided free of charge by the elements themselves. Should we be happy that has been taken away for another 6 months?


Of course, every season has its benefits and drawbacks, and certainly training in warm sunshine and dry conditions seems so very easy after having to manage the weather factor for so long, and one should enjoy that. Who wouldn't?! However, parkour is a discipline of self-improvement on all levels, a constant yardstick by which to measure oneself against - and that is never more easily done than when adversity stands squarely in front of you. It is said one should be thankful for the strength of one's enemies, and I have always liked to see the driving rain and wind of Winter in this way. The hard yards of training are made in such conditions, and it is those hard yards that lead us to being fully capable and confident when the conditions swing in our favour again.

The seasons turn, and it is now time (we hope!) to enjoy the favourable months. But spare a thought for that old sparring partner called Winter - I, for one, am already looking forward to the next round come the end of the year...