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Look its spider-man!

Authored by admin on Thursday 20

At various times when I have been out training and generally doing that crazy parkour thing we all know and love I’ve been in the middle of something and I hear a comment thrown my way. I’d like to start this post by sharing a few of the most common ones and my responses (sometimes only in my mind) to them.


Authored by admin on Thursday 20
No PK - restaurant - running late - late running - bus - no bus - taekwondo training - knees up - kick high - kick higher - quick kick - faster kick - kilburn park - football - basketball -running

fatigue - ennui - finsbury park - taekwondo - competition? - cathartique - sport - sueur - fatigue


Authored by admin on Thursday 20
I was in the middle of probably the hardest training I have ever done in my life. It's amazing what the prospect of some time away does for you.

One Month In

Authored by admin on Thursday 20
My last blog post described how I've wanted to do a one arm chin for some time and how I'll be going about it training for it.

You can read it here.

So my progression and observations so far:

Street Camp III

Authored by admin on Thursday 20
From the 29th of May to the 1st of June, I've been invited by the Danish group Street Movement. They were running a parkour camp for 3 days in their sport center, 1 hour drive from Copenhagen.

The place where the camp is held is a peaceful sport center, far from the cities and the only thing you can do there is having fun, eat sleep and do sport ! It was great to spend time in a quiet place for 3 days, it changes a lot from the stressful city of London...
Authored by admin on Thursday 20

Authored by admin on Thursday 20
We teach. Lots. As Parkour Generations we run several classes every single day of the week, all year long, both in the UK and internationally – recently we have held seminars in Spain, Italy, Portugal, USA, France, with more coming up in Denmark, France, Italy again, and requests for the same in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Chile… the list goes on.

Another academy class.....

Authored by admin on Thursday 20
I felt sore, especially my upper body was in pain after the team training on Wednesday night at Abbey Road. But it didn`t stop me to attend the Thursday class at Moberly Sport Centre, and I`m glad it didn`t.

We came, we jammed, we conquered!

Authored by admin on Thursday 20

I’ve suspected it for a while now but now I’m absolutely sure of it… We ladies-of-the-Parkour are definitely blessed!


Authored by admin on Thursday 20
– Cergy

Courir autours du pâté de maison a pleine vitesse ; courir le plus longtemps possible ; marcher sur une barrière ; marcher en hauteur ; parler anglais ; parler pour ne rien dire ; faire des squats ; faire des pompes
Donner des coups de pieds ; bloquer avec les mains ; renforcer les abdos ; se faire mal au dos ; frapper a la tête ; casser les couilles ; se ronger les ongles