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Knocks and Bruises

Authored by Drift on Friday 09

Yesterday I had the misfortune of seeing not one, but two people obliterate their knees against a wall they were trying to catpass over. Once I stopped sniggering at them stumbling around trying to walk the pain off I came to their aid with some plasters and sympathetic chat. I also got to thinking what was the most common Parkour injury? Many people who don't train think that we are all falling off roofs or impaling ourselves on railings or whatnot.

Paralysed by Choice

Authored by JamesAdams on Tuesday 30

I don't know about you, but sometimes it seems to me that there's an awful lot of parkour out there to be trained. I mean, right? There's a lot to practise, and none of it mastered quickly. You can include peripheral things in this that apply to any physical pursuit, like stretching or mobilising. Or the various things that some people can take or leave in parkour, like gymnastics or a solid handstand.

Authored by Blake Saiyan on Friday 19

Hey all.

Sorry I haven’t had a post for you in a long while! Started a new job in the world of fitness and it has eaten all of my time and sleep!! It’s not all negative though as it has introduced me to a world of knowledge and ideas and keeps me out of mischief!

Being surrounded by a mix of fitness coaches, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, corrective exercise specialists, swim instructors, chiropractors and physiotherapists has immersed me in a world of knowledge, and like anywhere, differing opinions.


Authored by Rock on Friday 19

Don't climb on that! Come down from there! It's too dangerous! You'll fall! Don't touch that! As children, exploration is second nature, discovery is key to learning, new experiences shape the person they'll become as adults. But as fear, caution, and worry factor in, we apply restrictions to a natural learning curve. This is more predominant now in a world saturated with gadgets and gizmos. TV's, MP3 players, games consoles, Internet.

A Lack of Thought?

Photo of Smilie by Zeno Watson

So first of all, a bit of honesty: while I'm writing this blog post, right now, I have no idea, no inspiration to write about. This is strange because, I  always have some theories, observations bouncing around in my head, in between thoughts of what other food items I can mix with peanut butter, and regular day dreaming stuff. But recently I find a strange blank space where these thoughts were.


Authored by jmballantyne on Friday 05

 As traceurs, we are a rare breed of people looking for challenges and pushing ourselves to new limits everyday. Whether this be breaking a new jump, leaning far enough forward on the kong to clear our hips, doing a palm spin for the first time, or learning to walk on rail.

Balance Training

Authored by Nick on Friday 28

Balance is essential to parkour. I know I'm not telling you anything you don't know, but we can all use a reminder every now and then. Whether you've been training for six days or six years, you can always work on your balance.

Why is balance so important?

Simply put, balance is important because you are constantly balancing in parkour. I tried to think of some clever way to say that, but it really is that simple. Jumping, landing, vaulting. You need to balance to do any of it.


Authored by Chris M on Friday 21

It’s often been said that parkour changes the way you look at your surroundings. You might observe features of the environment that would perhaps go unnoticed to the non-traceur: the gap between two walls, the texture of a surface, a pipe or ledge just within reach. Where some people see a set of stairs or a walkway, you see a series of moves to get from one side to the other. The increased feeling of freedom and fun that accompanies this way of seeing our surroundings changes our interactions with the environment and our ability to move through it.

Authored by Dan on Saturday 08

What’s the point of being fit? Have you ever asked yourself this simple question?

Many would say it’s to ensure we have a long, wholesome life; some kind of biological duty to our own bodies, to stay in mint condition until we finally succumb to old age and die, leaving an unblemished corpse.

Railings, life and teenage crushes

Authored by Awsa on Tuesday 04
When I was a teenager I was on telly every Saturday for a couple of years.
I will leave it at that so I come across more famous than I am.
Appearance is very important to me.
You’ll see.
During my GCSCs I was in and out of fancy/obsession/annoyance with about 3 boys.
I deemed it best not to show any of them, as them finding out that I liked them would be worse than if we ended up going out.