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Authored by Joe on Wednesday 11

Most practitioners who haven't attended a PKG session assume it is some sort of fitness bootcamp with Parkour thrown in. With its reputation for militaristic mantra ('start together, finish together', 'to be and to last' etc. designed to bring loyalty and comradery with your brothers and sisters in arms) and emphasis on physical conditioning it is easy to see why this perception may exist.


The Benefits of Risk

Authored by Dan on Wednesday 11

Risk, and our society's increasing aversion to it, is becoming a hotly debated topic these days. And rightly so: there is no doubt that knee-jerk reactions of statutory bodies in many countries to the perceived risks of disicplines like our own has contributed to an ever-expanding system of restrictions placed on the freedoms and, consequently, potential of individuals the world over.

5 ways to be a parkour revolutionary

Authored by admin on Wednesday 28

Do you wake up feeling like you want to shake things up, change the way you train and the world around you? Here’s 5 ideas about how to be a parkour revolutionary.


1. Invent new ways of training

What You See is What You Get

Authored by admin on Wednesday 28


The Third Man

Authored by admin on Wednesday 28


I’ve never been much of an actor so it was strange to find myself as part of the cast for Secret Cinema’s latest production back at the beginning of December 2011. I had been given the role through my work with PK Gen and was told that I would be doing a Parkour chase scene live in front of a theatre audience each night. I didn’t know much else until I did some research after accepting the role.

Parkour without borders

Authored by admin on Wednesday 28


Most of us take the ability to practice parkour against a relatively stable political background for granted. Though space is often contested in dense urban areas, and training perceived to be damaging to the built environment can be discouraged by authorities, we can freely train with the aim of crossing boundaries. Those boundaries can be as much mental, challenges in the mind, as they are physical, the literal boundaries of walls and obstacles.

3 Reasons to Start Climbing

Authored by admin on Wednesday 28


Ask most people what physical activities you train in parkour, and most of the time you'll get the same answer: running, jumping and climbing. If you look at the training of most people, though, you'll see a whole lot of running and jumping, but not very much climbing. If you are one of those people who train parkour but doesn't climb very much, go out of your way to start climbing more.

Hold that pose for a moment...

Authored by admin on Wednesday 05

Well, full disclosure first...this is one of those blog writings that are written in a slightly uninspired phase, so I had to really think about what I have been up to recently to try to find something to write about. Unfortunately, winter training can be a bit unexciting at times.


What I found myself doing recently is focusing on strength and power training more than anything else complimented with some bodyweight skill development such as planche training, front lever progressions and such.


Work Hard and Be Kind

Authored by admin on Tuesday 13


Work hard and be kind


Work hard and be kind is one of few life rules I try to live by.

Both move you forward.

But when life gets hectic, one of them can fool you into feeling it’s the only force you should feed.

Be strong to be useful. For sure. For that I have to work hard.

And being useful is many things, one of them being kind.


Authored by Joe on Sunday 19

Parkour and freedom. To many in the community these words sit well together. Watch a video on Youtube and see the comments, ' You really are free', 'You look so free', 'Your movement is really free' with thumbs up all over the place.


Whenever I see/ hear this I can't help but think WTF?! Really? Where is the freedom? Show it to me? This is a video (usually) of the result of someone's training. I don't know what freedom is, but Parkour it isn't.