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Authored by Andy Day

My position on energy drinks is not something I've kept quiet about. Before I get started, understand this: if I were a top-level athlete and an energy drink came knocking, I would have a really hard time turning them down. This makes me sad. Hopefully this confession of hypocrisy will give you an understanding that I appreciate the difficulty that energy drink sponsorship creates. Now that's out of the way, hear this.

A Developing Program

Authored by jmballantyne on Friday 15

I thought I’d take this opportunity to provide a brief update on the development and progress of the UCLA Parkour program.

The Third Man

Authored by admin on Wednesday 28


I’ve never been much of an actor so it was strange to find myself as part of the cast for Secret Cinema’s latest production back at the beginning of December 2011. I had been given the role through my work with PK Gen and was told that I would be doing a Parkour chase scene live in front of a theatre audience each night. I didn’t know much else until I did some research after accepting the role.

SoCal Parkour: A growing community

Authored by jmballantyne on Tuesday 22

 I wanted to provide an update of the growing parkour community in Southern California. Before I begin, the following are based solely on my own personal experience.

Love at First Jump

Authored by fizzle on Sunday 03

Hi, I’m Fizz and all very new to blogging so please bear with me as I have lots of experiences to share and would love for you to stick around to read, learn, laugh (probably not so much), empathise and gain something from what I have to write.  I’m currently on a round the world trip and am training as I go.  It’s a trip of a lifetime that is broadening my knowledge and skills in Parkour and life in general, totally cliché I know! 

Parkour, a Journey

Authored by admin on Monday 05

2010, Parkour is known all over the world ! One of my dreams came true... We can see practitioners every where, people are more and more used to see people "jumping around". The discipline is growing quickly, so quickly, and what I am trying to do is to help passing on this art to the future generations...

Authored by admin on Thursday 20

Authored by admin on Thursday 20
We teach. Lots. As Parkour Generations we run several classes every single day of the week, all year long, both in the UK and internationally – recently we have held seminars in Spain, Italy, Portugal, USA, France, with more coming up in Denmark, France, Italy again, and requests for the same in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Chile… the list goes on.


Authored by admin on Thursday 20

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Cela fait maintenant 4 mois et 1 semaine que je me suis fait opéré du genou. Aujourd’hui nous sommes le mardi 17 mars 2009 et comme toujours, mon rendez-vous chez le kiné s’est bien passé.