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Distillation: Refining the Spirit of Parkour

Authored by Albert Kong

This is a guest blog entry written by Albert Kong. It can also be viewed at his own site here. Thanks, Albert!

There are problems with the way we talk about “philosophy” in parkour. We have dozens of platitudes and one-liners about what parkour philosophy is, but often I feel like they’re not rigorous or well thought out. Here’s why.

Winter Training Tips

Authored by Nick on Thursday 07

Winter is cold, wet, and dark. Everything about it makes parkour training more challenging. Jumps get bigger and landings more challenging. Unless you want to sit on your butt for a few months of the year, though, you need to get outside and train.

Photo by Andy "Kiell" Day (Thailand 2012)

So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.  -Mark Twain

Connections With The World

Authored by Chris Grant on Sunday 02

I’m two days into a 6 month stint on the small island of Shetland, which is located in the North Sea between Scotland and Norway. The population is about 22,000, the biggest town where I live has a population of 7000 and no buildings higher than about 3 storeys.

It’s fair to say it’s a massive change of environment and lifestyle from the mean streets of Glasgow.

Things You Must Bring on a Parkour Road Trip

Authored by Shi on Thursday 29

The rules of a road trip are simple:

1. Get a group of friends.

2. Go to a new/exotic location.

3. Have the time of your life.

And sometimes involves:

4. Posting all footage on youtube, facebook, reddit, twitter etc

Parkour Generations have been posting a flickr album on what parkour people carry in their bags. In this blog, here’s my suggestion on what to include in your bag on a parkour road trip.



Authored by Rock on Friday 19

Don't climb on that! Come down from there! It's too dangerous! You'll fall! Don't touch that! As children, exploration is second nature, discovery is key to learning, new experiences shape the person they'll become as adults. But as fear, caution, and worry factor in, we apply restrictions to a natural learning curve. This is more predominant now in a world saturated with gadgets and gizmos. TV's, MP3 players, games consoles, Internet.

A Lack of Thought?

Photo of Smilie by Zeno Watson

So first of all, a bit of honesty: while I'm writing this blog post, right now, I have no idea, no inspiration to write about. This is strange because, I  always have some theories, observations bouncing around in my head, in between thoughts of what other food items I can mix with peanut butter, and regular day dreaming stuff. But recently I find a strange blank space where these thoughts were.


Authored by jmballantyne on Friday 05

 As traceurs, we are a rare breed of people looking for challenges and pushing ourselves to new limits everyday. Whether this be breaking a new jump, leaning far enough forward on the kong to clear our hips, doing a palm spin for the first time, or learning to walk on rail.

Photo of the Gerlev Structure by Leon Lawrence.

A week in Parkour Paradise: 10 Reasons to make sure that you are at next year’s European Gathering  


Authored by Chris Grant on Friday 06

‘Can you lift this rock?’

‘Can you move this tree?’

‘Can you walk on all fours for miles?’

‘Can we run to Paris and back?’

‘Can you do the KongPre at Southbank?’

‘Can you film this for me?’

‘Did you get my t-shirt in the shot?’

‘Are you sponsored?’