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Authored by Andy Day

My position on energy drinks is not something I've kept quiet about. Before I get started, understand this: if I were a top-level athlete and an energy drink came knocking, I would have a really hard time turning them down. This makes me sad. Hopefully this confession of hypocrisy will give you an understanding that I appreciate the difficulty that energy drink sponsorship creates. Now that's out of the way, hear this.

Authored by Dan on Tuesday 13

This past week has seen us introducing parkour in various ways to one of the world's largest annual professional fitness events, the Idea World Fitness Convention in Los Angeles, USA – and having a great time while doing so.

Authored by Kiell on Thursday 04

Concerning Finns: the Finnish parkour community remains unknown to most of the world but somewhere up north there is a strong and active family of traceurs. A stereotypical Finnish practitioner can be described as quiet, dedicated and with an odd sense of humor (there are many exceptions of course). The long winter period affects the training regime of these cold-hardened individuals as up to 5 months of snow (knee deep) require some adjustments to be made to your training.

Photo of the Gerlev Structure by Leon Lawrence.

A week in Parkour Paradise: 10 Reasons to make sure that you are at next year’s European Gathering  

Trying Hard

Authored by spidermonkey on Wednesday 25

Over the past four months I have been privileged to have been involved with Steps Youth Dance Company on their major season project of Try Hard. Artistic Director Alice Lee Holland, performance psychologist Shona Erskine and Sofie Burgoyne spent six months conducting workshops in schools across Western Australia to see what is affecting young people in the 21st century.

Authored by admin on Monday 06

This article has actually been written for a while but I wanted to post it now to try to give a few rays of warmth to those cold winter days...

So after a few weeks at home I returned to London.  While this was done under the general premise of continuing my research into parkour, I also wanted to attend some key events, most notably Rendezvous.  I arrived in the city just in time to catch the tail end of the instructor’s meeting at Elephant and Castle.

Censored Parkour Video

So you can skip to the section(s) most relevant to you, this post is broken into three parts:  1) What are SOPA and PIPA?  2) How these laws will negatively affect the parkour community. 3) What you can do about it.  This post is not meant to be a complete overview of SOPA and PIPA, it is merely meant to inform on the issues that have direct implications for the parkour community.


What are PIPA and SOPA?

A visit to Denmark and "parkour paradise"...

After spending a month training with various groups in Italy, I headed to Denmark where I spent another month with the guys from Streetmovement training in downtown Copenhagen and the amazing place that is the Gerlev Sports Academy.

Authored by makingthejump on Saturday 03


After the travels in South America that I detailed in my last articles, I headed back to Europe to continue my wanderjhar in Italy.  Since I only had a month in Italy, I was able to cover nearly the same geographic span as in Brazil, but did get to work with 3 organizations of particular note.

Parkour Event Planning

Authored by Nick on Wednesday 29

At their best, parkour events can recharge your passion for parkour and give you new connections in the parkour community. At their worst, they can be boring and dangerous.