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Night Mission Lessons

Authored by JamesAdams on Friday 20

This is a guest blog post from regular Parkour Generation's Academy student, Katie Sandford. Katie participated in the last Night Mission Challenge, and wrote the below to summarise her experience. Thanks Katie!

Authored by Andy Day

My position on energy drinks is not something I've kept quiet about. Before I get started, understand this: if I were a top-level athlete and an energy drink came knocking, I would have a really hard time turning them down. This makes me sad. Hopefully this confession of hypocrisy will give you an understanding that I appreciate the difficulty that energy drink sponsorship creates. Now that's out of the way, hear this.

Authored by Drift on Tuesday 23

I recently moved from London to Abu Dhabi in the UAE and am blown away by my new city. The beach is on my doorstep, it rains about once a year and everybody is so friendly. But enough about the city; I wanted to use this blog to big up the Arab Parkour community as I think it is under-represented on the world scene. 

With Open Arms

Authored by Rock on Friday 21

It's a beautiful evening, the sky is clear, the sun is beaming down on the multi cultural city of London and I'm on my way to meet a group of guys who are just as culturally diverse, guys from Italy, Burma, Trinidad, Asia, Wales, Vietnam, to name more than just a few. It's not a world summit, or the World Cup it's Thursday and its the gathering of OSOM pronounced 'Awesome' AKA One Spot One Month. A group of guys drawn together with common goals and a common love for self improvement and self mastery. The synergy is electric. The good mood infectious.

Andy's Story

Authored by Juwad Malik on Friday 07

Over the last few years I’ve given numerous talks, run various workshops and taught lots of people about how I work. I’m frequently asked for advice on how to take good parkour photographs. My answers include: take a LOT of shots, get low, use a wide angle lens, use a fast shutter speed, pre-focus, don’t put the body in the middle of the frame, create space underneath the body to increase the sense of height - lots of rules that work about eighty to ninety percent of the time.

Authored by jolusanya on Friday 24

I spent the first 3 months of the year in Gambia working on a voluntary media project and whilst there, I discovered great potential for training locations. Most of my spent time was spent working but the moment I had free time, I set about exploring the area making mental notes of the best places to train.

Authored by baneparkour on Friday 17

2012/2013 has been one of the most challenging years of my Parkour career to date. Anyone who knows me will know that I picked up a shoulder injury in Kickboxing at the end of September last year....

I ♥ London

Authored by Drift on Friday 29

I've been incredibly fortunate to be living in London when learning Parkour as its a city that suits the discipline well. Over the last decade particularly it has seen Parkour explode and been at the centre of the global scene.

My Parkour

Authored by Rock on Friday 01


Authored by baneparkour on Thursday 03


It's 2013 and I'm increasingly thinking about what we pass on in our training.

Thinking back to how I was introduced to Parkour- there were only a few videos online and all learning was a painstaking process of trial and error with one's self. This was many years before the birth of Youtube. Importantly, I never felt discouraged when watching these videos... quite the opposite actually. So where exactly am I going with this you may ask!