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Authored by admin on Monday 06

This article has actually been written for a while but I wanted to post it now to try to give a few rays of warmth to those cold winter days...

So after a few weeks at home I returned to London.  While this was done under the general premise of continuing my research into parkour, I also wanted to attend some key events, most notably Rendezvous.  I arrived in the city just in time to catch the tail end of the instructor’s meeting at Elephant and Castle.

Authored by Awsa on Tuesday 08

A while ago Parkour Generations asked if I could come up with a stretch programme for Parkour practitioners.

The challenge in this is almost not what to stretch, but what not to stretch in order to not get overwhelmed. Parkour has the biggest movement vocabulary I have ever come across and I am sure there are even finger stretches you could do to improve grip and prevent nail injury for those perfectly pedicured hands.

USA RDV 2: Play-By-Play

Authored by Nick on Friday 24


USA RDV 2: Play-By-Play

Authored by Nick on Friday 24

I’ve got a lot to say about American Rendezvous 2, so I’ll be splitting it into a few blog posts. The first blog post will be a play-by-play of what happened.

Parkour in Chile - Making the Jump

At the end of the three weeks that I spent in Chile I attended the  Chilean national parkour Jam that was held in La Concepcion in the south of Chile.  Having spent the previous two weeks in ViƱa del Mar with Carlos Hidalgo and the “Parkour School”, I decided that it would be a fitting end to the trip to roadtrip down to the event with him.

Girls Jammin: February 2011...

Authored by admin on Friday 18

Thanks to everyone who made it down to the February jam, despite the cold and wet... And don’t worry, summer is coming! LOTS of precision training was the theme of the day. From working very technical and precise landing areas, to continuous repetition jumps using momentum and building power, to rail precisions – there were definitely some heavy legs as we made our way back to the station..!

Summer jammin...

Authored by admin on Thursday 20
Sunday 14th June saw the 30th Women's Jam taking place on another beautifully warm and sunny day...

We came, we jammed, we conquered!

Authored by admin on Thursday 20

I’ve suspected it for a while now but now I’m absolutely sure of it… We ladies-of-the-Parkour are definitely blessed!

Paris Film Festival: Action!

Authored by admin on Thursday 20

This past week five of us (Stephane, Johann, Thomas, Seb and I) have been in Paris working with our good friends and partners-in-crime the Majestic Force team on a large-scale live display show for the prestigious Salon Du Cinema film festival. The festival is a huge expo for all aspects of the movie industry in Europe, bringing together producers, tech-people, directors, actors, stuntment and more, and did not disappoint on any front.

Authored by admin on Thursday 20

Day 1. Overcast skys, wet rails, huge puddles, slippery surfaces and never ending rain. These are what the days training would hold. With everyone ready and after all the instructors and group leaders were introduced the warm up could begin, taking place on the roof of the south bank centre over 150 people gathered together with what would kick off Rendezvous 3.