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Authored by Dan on Tuesday 12

We live in a strange world.

If you want to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a shaper of people's minds in a school, there are considerable and rigorous processes to go through to qualify to do those things - and rightly so, as such individuals are putting themselves in a position of responsibility and have a duty of care to the people who come to them for help.

So why, I ask, do we not think the same processes need be in place for coaches of physical disciplines?

Authored by baneparkour on Thursday 11

I’ve enjoyed physical conditioning for almost as long as I can remember. As a child I built a tree house without ladder access- the only means of entry was an 8 foot rope climb. From climbing trees I would naturally end up adding in pull-ups and swing drops etc… all of this was a natural extension, a by-product of time spent doing other things.

With Open Arms

Authored by Rock on Friday 21

It's a beautiful evening, the sky is clear, the sun is beaming down on the multi cultural city of London and I'm on my way to meet a group of guys who are just as culturally diverse, guys from Italy, Burma, Trinidad, Asia, Wales, Vietnam, to name more than just a few. It's not a world summit, or the World Cup it's Thursday and its the gathering of OSOM pronounced 'Awesome' AKA One Spot One Month. A group of guys drawn together with common goals and a common love for self improvement and self mastery. The synergy is electric. The good mood infectious.

Junk Training

Authored by Drift on Wednesday 22

Last week I moved from London in the UK to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It was a move that happened as a result of my fiancé getting a new job and I tagged along like some kind of useless luggage.

Authored by jolusanya on Friday 24

I spent the first 3 months of the year in Gambia working on a voluntary media project and whilst there, I discovered great potential for training locations. Most of my spent time was spent working but the moment I had free time, I set about exploring the area making mental notes of the best places to train.

Authored by baneparkour on Friday 17

2012/2013 has been one of the most challenging years of my Parkour career to date. Anyone who knows me will know that I picked up a shoulder injury in Kickboxing at the end of September last year....

Authored by Dan on Saturday 27

Movement is a lot like language: to be able to utilise it you must understand the alphabet, know how to organise letters into words and then how to combine those words using grammar and syntax to create sentences. The letters alone are useless, only sentences enable fluency and function; equally, ill-formed and incomplete sentences, poorly spelt and constructed, are clumsy, confusing and ineffective.

Authored by Blake Saiyan on Tuesday 05

 The physical and mental benefits of Parkour are pretty evident to most. Coupling this with strength and conditioning regimes offers a great balance in physical fitness and health. But what about the food you eat after a hard day of training? What about the snacks munched mid-session to keep energy levels up? Is what we are eating contributing to good health or is our food weakening us and hampering our efforts.

Fat Gripz Extreme Review


This review came about because a few of us in the team like to play with Fat Gripz in our physical training. We saw they were launching a new fatter version (the Fat Gripz Extreme) and so approached them. In exchange for a trial of the new product this review came about.


So what are Fat Gripz (Extreme)?


Chip Away At The Block

Authored by JamesAdams on Wednesday 12

I was on a course earlier this year to qualify as a personal trainer, and the guy taking the course was a gentleman named Greg Isaacs. I'm sure he'd be the first to admit that he was a bit of a character, and I learned a lot from him, not only about training but about your attitude to life and people as well. It was a good experience for me.