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Authored by Joe on Sunday 19

Parkour and freedom. To many in the community these words sit well together. Watch a video on Youtube and see the comments, ' You really are free', 'You look so free', 'Your movement is really free' with thumbs up all over the place.


Whenever I see/ hear this I can't help but think WTF?! Really? Where is the freedom? Show it to me? This is a video (usually) of the result of someone's training. I don't know what freedom is, but Parkour it isn't.

Bite my shiny metal...

Authored by Drift on Tuesday 22

I have a love/hate relationship with railings. There is a sense of satisfaction from landing a good rail precision that just can't be matched by the same jump on a wall. Sure, I've got chunks of my legs missing from when we've had a disagreement but rails are one half of the Traceur's bread and butter so can't be ignored. If you are just starting off in Parkour let me reassure you - rails are awesome.

Wax on, wax off

Authored by Shi on Thursday 07

"Wax on, right hand. Wax off, left hand. Wax on, wax off. Breathe in through nose, out the mouth. Wax on, wax off. Don't forget to breathe, very important."

Mindful parkour

Authored by Chris M on Monday 14

Have you ever realised you were just racing through your daily activities, rushing from one thing to the next, multitasking, cramming in the tasks of everyday life? Perhaps you were only able to realise when you stopped moving for a moment to take a break, or finished a deadline and breathed a sigh of relief. Day to day pressures and constant stimulation from electronic media can mean that our senses are occupied almost every minute of the day. If we are able to manage that pressure, it can enable us to accomplish a huge amount, both at work and in our spare time.

SoCal Parkour: A growing community

Authored by jmballantyne on Tuesday 22

 I wanted to provide an update of the growing parkour community in Southern California. Before I begin, the following are based solely on my own personal experience.

The Art of Risk taking

Authored by omercan on Friday 28

First of all, go and watch the amazing TED talk attached below.

Seasonal Goal Setting

Authored by Nick on Tuesday 25

There is no “parkour season” because parkour is always in season. While athletes in most sports have a defined season with games or matches to serve as regular checks on their progress, someone who trains parkour has a different kind of challenge. It can be difficult to stay focused on your goals when you don’t have a game coming up on Saturday, and you don’t have a championship you are training toward in a few months.

Authored by Awsa on Tuesday 08

A while ago Parkour Generations asked if I could come up with a stretch programme for Parkour practitioners.

The challenge in this is almost not what to stretch, but what not to stretch in order to not get overwhelmed. Parkour has the biggest movement vocabulary I have ever come across and I am sure there are even finger stretches you could do to improve grip and prevent nail injury for those perfectly pedicured hands.

Authored by Joe on Friday 09

There is a general consensus within the Parkour community that knee death will occur should you decide to take a drop from over head height without rolling.