Complete 5 lengths of quadrupedie using a different variation each time.


-Mark out a 30 metre stretch for the distance to be used.


-Decide which 5 variations you will use today. There are many to choose from but if you're stuck for options then try one length forwards, one backwards, one sideways, one on the other side, and one forwards again but this time using the kong/saut de chat/cat pass technique.


-Rest 1-3 minutes in between each length as required.


-Maintain control and a high quality of execution for each length. There is no point in rushing and you will get much more benefit from today's workout if you do the movements properly and with a steady pace throughout.


-It is this kind of drill that builds the strength and stability in the wrists and forearms that you will need for the various vaulting techniques found in Parkour so with that in mind, use a flat hand technique for each length and NOT your fingers.


Post which variations you used and your thoughts in the comments box.