Type of class : All Ages and Abilities

Within the workshops our goal is to encourage and aid the participants to discover and improve their ability to move within any environment and across any terrain as efficiently, swiftly, and gracefully as possible.

Through a combination of multi-purpose drills created to explore and enhance attributes such as proprioception, coordination, dynamism, spatial awareness, balance and functional strength as well as confidence and mental fortitude, we aim to bring about the beginnings of a transformation within all the participants that will allow them to see themselves and their place in their surroundings in an entirely fresh and liberated manner.

Our highly popular and very successful tried and tested format includes a thorough warm-up and warm-down for each session, including an explanation of why such preparations are necessary, and a training component that is tailored to meet the needs of the participants and to suit their level of ability. No one is excluded, and no one is asked to do anything they do not feel comfortable attempting.

Our instructors are some of the most experienced Parkour practitioners and instructors in the world, are all CRB-checked and possess the CSLA and BELA qualifications as well as public liability insurance for the sport, and are trained in First Aid . All activities are carried out under the rigorous supervision of these expert individuals, who maintain an attitude of dynamic risk management at all times.

I just wanted to take this time to thank you once again joining us at NJIRC. We're only just starting to recover (!) but the feedback that we have got so far has been incredible, with parkour being an activity with a constant stream of young people wanting to try free running for themselves. Andy, Blane and Joe were great instructors and the young people responded well to them. We certainly wouldn't have had such a successful day if it wasn't for your attendance and I'm confident that, as a returning activity, success for parkour will only build year on year. (National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships Organiser)

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