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Parkour for Schools Programme

The Parkour for Schools Programme was initiated in order to cater for the growing demand in Primary and Secondary schools in the UK for correct, safe instruction in the discipline. It has been seen to have a hugely beneficial effect both physically and mentally for the students at the schools for which we run courses, and the classes commonly engage a diverse demographic of the student body.

Parkour Generations is the official delivery agent of the National Governing Body for parkour in schools. Our coaches are all CRB checked and first-aid training, and are fully qualified and experienced teachers of the discipline.

Student Progression
In conjunction with the National Governing Body we deliver the AQA Accreditation in Parkour, Units 1 and 2, the world's first recognised parkour/freerunning accreditation. Any student enrolled in our Parkour for Schools Programme can aspire to passing these Units within one or two terms of training.

How do we start?
All the school needs to provide is a training space - a gym or school hall - and some basic gymnastics equipment such as horses, boxes, balance beams, mats, parallel bars, ropes etc. The more diversity in the equipment, the better; however, our coaches are well-versed in utilising the equipment at hand to create a challenging and enjoyable class.

Simply contact us directly and we will arrange a Taster Workshop Day and/or Introductory Assembly (including a DVD presentation) to gauge demand, and from there we can move to establishing a regular weekly class for the school.

For more information, or to arrange a taster session for your school, email us directly on Coaching(at)parkourgenerations.com

Current Schools:

  • Archbishop Tenison School, Oval
  • Cambridge School, Hammersmith
  • Quintin Kynaston School, St. John's Wood
  • St. Augustine's School, Kilburn
  • Hallfield Junior School, Bayswater
  • St. Marylebone C.E. School, Marylebone
  • Haverstock School, Camden
  • East Barnet School, Barnet
  • Graveney School, Wandsworth
  • Roehampton University, Roehampton
  • Paddington Academy School, Paddington
  • Overton Grange High School, Sutton
  • Greenshaw High School, Sutton
  • Carshalton Boys Sports College, Sutton
  • Haydon School, Hillingdon
  • London Nautical School, Lambeth
  • Pimlico Academy, London
  • St. Aubyns, Woodford Green
  • Woolwich Poly, London
  • Hurlingham & Chelsea, London
  • Rokeby, London
Parkour Generations has given us the opportunity of adding something extra yet fundamental to our extra-curriculum programme. Parkour attracts pupils who, as a PE department, we would struggle to get them involved after school.
I completely trust the instructors from Parkour Generations. They clearly have great knowledge of what is required not only to coach the pupils during Parkour sessions but also to teach them.They have the natural ability, skills and in-depth knowledge of Parkour to adapt the sessions to ensure the sessions are safe but challenging for all abilities.'
Dan and Forrest have built up a great rapport with the QK pupils. The atmosphere is focussed, professional and the pupils have great respect for the skills the boys bring to each session.
The instructors have a fantastic manner with the pupils, they command respect and have balanced, through great modesty, the ability to demonstrate skills without being patronising or showing off in any way.'

Where To Go

UK-Wide locations.

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