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Global City Beats

Global City Beats is a User Generated Content film project initiated by the Voelker brothers and Yahoo!. The idea was to ask internet users to send in their short films and pick out the best 15 films for a 90 minute movie suited for the big screen. The response was overwhelming. Up until now more than 800 filmmakers from South Africa, Australia, South America, Europe and the USA have registered with the Voelker Brothers.

Yahoo Film : 2008-01-23
Yahoo Film Featuring Parkour Currently Julie Angel is shooting a piece with Team Member Tracey and the female students of our Parkour Academy which will be part of a feature film project sponsored by internet giant Yahoo entitled 'Global City Beats'. More information on the film, which will be released first in theatres in Germany and then may move on to global release, can be found here. This will be the first ever piece created using female practitioners exclusively and should go a long way to raise awareness surrounding their skills and potential. City Girls: UPDATE Julie Angel's new short film for Yahoo's Global City Beats featuring the female community of our Parkour Academy has been going extremely well, with the traceuses demonstrating some impressive fluidity and skill throughout. The filming continues today, with Julie hoping to finish the edit by the end of the month. City Ladies Update Some sneak preview images of the forthcoming 'City Ladies' video edit by Julie Angel for Yahoo's Global City Beats film can be found now on the newspage of her website, here. This edit is the first ever piece created exclusively utilising female practitioners of parkour and is sure to make some serious waves once released. Global City Beats Update More news from the Global City Beats production, a user-generated content film project initiated by Yahoo, which features a short film entitled GoGirls! by our own Julie Angel of the ladies of the Parkour Generations Academy in action around London. Yahoo has recently put up 2 trailers for the project as well as a web page, which can be seen here. The producer will be in London during September working on a new bespoke soundtrack for GoGirls and will be meeting with some of the girls for interviews and publicity shots. GoGirls to date has had over one million views on YouTube, so well done ladies!