This FAQ page will endeavour to answer some of the most common questions posed to the Parkour Generations online store.

What are the physical dimensions of the sizes you sell?

Below are the sizes (Chest width and Tee length) of the most common male and female garments we order for the store.


Mens T-Shirt

  • Small = (50cm chest, 70cm length)
  • Medium = (53cm chest, 72cm length)
  • Large = (56cm chest, 74cm length)
  • X-Large = (60cm chest, 76cm length)


Womens Vest

  • Small = (35cm chest, 76cm length)
  • Medium = (38cm chest, 77cm length)
  • Large = (41cm chest, 78cm length)



  • Small = (57cm chest, 66cm length)
  • Medium = (61cm chest, 68cm length)
  • Large = (65cm chest, 71cm length)
  • X-Large = (69cm chest, 74cm length)

What delivery company do you use and what are their rates?

At the moment we are using Royal Mail First Class and Airmail for all of our deliveries.

The current rates for our delivery services are as follows:

  • UK - £5.00
  • Europe - £10.00
  • Global - £15.00

Please note that we do not send items via tracked delivery and cannot provide a tracking number for your order

What countries do you send to?

We will try our hardest to send to anywhere in the world!

What Payment System do you use?

Currently we only support the payment through PayPal using Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Metro.

How long until my order arrives?

We have a policy to deliver your order within 30 days from the day of payment on our systems. In reality, most orders arrive within 14 days or less.

I didn't get a receipt email from you to say that you got my order!

If all went well, Paypal should send you an email to confirm that your money has been sent to us. At this time we do not provide our own email notifications.

I've paid for the order, got my Paypal email and I still haven't received my stuff.

If you have received your paypal receipt to say the money has been sent to us but the items have not arrived then hop over to our contact form here to let the web team know. (

How are the designs made?

Our talented artists (AlbionArtworks : and Soxacen : ) will create many mockups to talk about, comment and play with before a version is selected. This is then created as a very high-resolution CMYK layered vector image that can be passed to the printer company. Garment, positioning, colours and sizes are selected and the image is remade by the printing company into silk screens. The screens are then used to print various colours and designs onto the garments. They're then packed up and sent off to our storage / delivery manager for distribution.