ADAPT qualified coach and PKGen Affiliate Coach James Ballantyne, who runs Santa Barbara Parkour Coachingwill be running an 8-week course at UCLA starting next month. The ADAPT certification was a tremendous help in setting up the course and an eye opener for most of the UCLA administration. Parkour is still frowned upon on most university campuses in the States and this will hopefully allow more universities to see parkour as a discipline and not a liability. James has informed us that this would not have been possible without the ADAPT Qualification. 

James spent two years in London learning the discipline with us. In early 2010, James was part of the initial ADAPT Level One qualification for coaching. After receiving the qualification, he spent the last 6 months of his stay in London teaching classes. James started Santa Barbara Parkour Coaching with the aim of bringing a structured environment to learn and practice parkour. Classes are formatted to help each student learn the basic fundamentals of parkour while also ensuring the body is properly conditioned to handle the stress and impact of parkour movement.

For more info on SBPK, hit the link above.

Well done James!