The new release of the next model of a shoe that has become fairly popular among parkour practitioners, the Nike Free Run. They come in 3 variations; 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0, where the latest have the strongest padding and support. Though the name might be confusing, the shoe was not designed with freerunning in mind, but rather to promote barefoot running. However, the flexibility and lightness of the shoe has made it a fairly common sight on the feet of practitioners around the world. 

Nike changed the foamy sole from the previous release with what looks and feels like stronger (yet  light) rubber sole which offers greater grip. Unlike previous models where the sole footprint was seemingly wider than the shoe itself and softened really fast after short period of intensive training, use of the new Frees gives an impression of durability and a longer-lasting lifespan.

The new Free Runs are definitely a step forward from the previous generation. So if you were captured by the lightness and mobility that they offer, the new Frees are a must-try when searching for that next pair of shoes. But at the costy price at £80 or ~ $100 (slightly more expensive than last year's model), you really have to be sure they are the ones for you!

Stay tuned, as a detailed hands-on review is to come...