At this time of year it's always good to remember those who don't have it as fortunate as many others - and here's another great example of the community banding together to help a fellow practitioner in need.

In July 2011, 17 year-old Polish traceur Dawid from Prudnik was diagnosed with the incurable Lesniowski-Crohn disease and from then on has spent each day in various hospitals around the country. In November his sister asked the Polish parkour community for help, to visit Dawid in hospital and support him in the struggle with the toughest obstacle he has ever faced. The guys in Poland quickly set up a Facebook group, where we made a surprise for Dawid. On December 10, 5 traceurs from various cities in Poland travelled to the Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka (Child's Health Centre) in Warsaw and gave a DVD of THIS VIDEO to his sister to give to him, while they hid outside the door and Dawid was told they unfortunately couldn't make it in person... 

As soon as he had watched it, the guys appeared in person to round off the surprise, making Dawid's day complete. 

Our best wishes go to Dawid and his family in this time - and well done to everyone who put time and effort into the video. Even if you can't understand Polish, it's still worth a watch ;)