Next month sees the return of the USA's annual international training extravaganza, American Rendezvous 3!

The event runs from May 26-28, over the Memorial Weekend in Columbus, Ohio. This time we'll be sending a huge coaching team from PKGen and the Yamakasi, including founders Chau Belle and Yann Hnautra as well as renowned practitioners such as Blane, Forrest, Chris Keighley, Dan, Tony Thich, Ben Odoyer, Annty Marais, Dom Willoughby and more. One hell of a line-up! The USA RDV is always a fantastic event in the annual calendar, bringing together a great community of practitioners from across the Americas for three days of hard training, good fun and shared experiences. THis year is looking to be the biggest and best yet, with modules every day on specific elements of the practice of parkour and general training sessions designed to push you to your limits and help develop your existing abilities. 

For more details click here, and we'd love to see you there if you're Stateside in May!

In the lead-up to the event we'll also be running an ADAPT Level 1 coaching qualification course in Ohio, which is almost fully booked  - but if you're quick and keen on getting into the global coaching network for the discipline, click here for more details.