We are going to be in JAKARTA delivering Indonesia's first ADAPT parkour/freerunning coaching qualification course at the beginning of December.

From December 4-6 will be the ADAPT Level 1 assistant coach qualification course, immediately followed by a 2-day open workshop on the 8th/9th December. The course and workshop will be headed up by Stephane Vigroux and Dom Willoughby of PKGen Asia, and is the latest in a series of ADAPT courses we have delivered across the South-East Asia region. 

It's great to see the official coaching qualifications exploding across Asia, and we've been impressed by the level of dedication and experience many of the candidates have brought to the courses. Parkour is alive and well and growing fast in that part of the world, that's for sure!

For more details see the PKGen Asia site above or follow our official PKGen Asia Facebook page.