This week we are running a 1st4Sport ADAPT Level 1 Coaching Qualification in Parkour / Freerunning on behalf of NGB Parkour UK, in London. 

With the recent successful launch of ADAPT in the south-east Asia region, the official coaching qualification is now truly global and has been delivered in over ten different countries around the world. Courses in the UK run on a monthly basis, with the latest batch of candidates going for their Level 2 qualification last month in August. 

ADAPT is a rigorous coaching qualification programme created by the most experienced instructors and founders of the activity, combining the best practices of sports coaching with the qualities and essence of parkour that make the discipline what it is. ADAPT is a recognised vocational coaching qualification, part of the European QCF framework and the official qualification of the only existing National Govering Body in the world, Parkour UK. 

ADAPT will soon be delivered reglarly in North America, and currently has official delivery centres in France, Finland, Denmark, the UK and Thailand. For more information on how to book a course in the UK, click here.

Good luck to all of this week's candidates!