Tonight Dan will be attending the London Festival of Architecture's keynote debate put on by the British Council, entitled  Architecture as Antidote: should cities make us fit?

In this Olympic year, as the country’s attention turns to sport, exercise, health and fitness the London Festival of Architecture convenes this keynote debate to explore the creation of cities that will make us ‘fit’ through architecture and design.

Architecture as Antidote will be a frank discussion of the efficacy and morality of these initiatives. The event will draw together an international panel of speakers from the worlds of architecture, planning and medicine to interrogate the success and failure of such interventions and to debate the relevance of such an approach in the UK. The debate will question whether politicians, architects and planners have a moral duty to tackle the rising levels of obesity through architecture and design; ask what the UK can learn from previous examples on the way cities are built and debate whether this requirement for buildings and cities to perform as physical stimulants will change the role of the architect. Most importantly it will ask what these measures mean for the freedom of citizens.

The debate is one of the London Festival of Architecture's key events, a critical exploration of this year's festival  theme, ''the Playful City''.
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