Recently, Blane and I visited Athens for the 1st Athens International Parkour Seminar which was sponsored by Greek clothing company Basehit. As part of the sponsorship, the three coaches (Blane, Panos and myself) were very kindly given a Basehit jacket each similar to the one in the main photo above. After wearing my jacket for almost a month now, I thought it was time for a review...

Since returning to the UK the weather has continued to be dire. Freezing temperatures, biting wind, plenty of rain and the occasional bit of snow - a traditional spring. However, this has been a good test of my new jacket which has proven itself well in this weather. What I do love about the jacket is that it is very well made and this is obvious just from the fabric used. It's tightly woven and keeps you warm even when you've cooled down after training and the cold is trying to creep in.

One thing I need in a jacket for Parkour training is that it can be folded up to fit in a bag easily yet still be warm enough to wear during the winter. The Basehit jacket does the job perfectly so I can wear it on the way to training and keep it in my bag whilst I am warm and jumping around.

Blane has also been wearing his jacket regularly (he can even be seen wearing it in the Fitbrick video) and is also impressed. The only downside I can find is that the hood isn't quite large enough for my liking, but thats only a minor gripe.

If you are interested in checking out the Basehit collection click here - although they only supply in Greece currently unfortunately. If you are based in Greece or are visiting soon - check them out!