This week the Debrief returns to Pakistan where Aboo Dean trains in Islamabad. Aboo is currently touring the world but can normally be found training hard with his local community.

How long have you been a Traceur?

Its been almost 8 years on and off, I've gone through some issues which hindered my training but I'm back in full swing.

What movements are you currently working on?

Currently working on fine tuning/stylising a lot of the stuff I lost as well as normal stuff. I'm currently working on getting back my gainer corks, a couple of vaults and perfecting the palm flip.

What percentage of your training is conditioning?

Conditioning is about 60 percent of training and I learnt that the hard way. If you just jump into stuff you end up regretting it most of the time as our bodies dont like it too much.

Favourite strength and conditioning exercise?

Anything by dogen, he's an old dude who made videos that basically break it all down for you - youtube 'dogentricks'. His titanium ankles one is definitely a favourite because it helped me alot, but I would recommend all of his stuff to be viewed thoroughly to anyone training parkour or tricking.

Who or what is your biggest influence?

Stuck between David Belle, Danny Ilabaca and Anis Cheurfa for that question, guess all three.

Favourite food?

Pizza, Daal - that's a Pakistani dish if i had to choose more then one.

Three current favourite training music tracks?

Scuba - The Hope, Pryda - The End, Pryda - Armed

Item in your bag you couldn't go training without?


How do you approach breaking a jump?

PK Roll, always.

Where do you see Parkour in ten years time?

In videogames, movies, billboards, very commercialized I predict, which isn't always a good thing in my humble opinion.

One piece of advice to Traceurs just starting out:

Conditional training, both physical and mental, are THE most important things - do not sleep on them, most people do and it only hinders progress. Oh, and have fun with it.

Thanks Aboo!

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