For this week's Debrief we spoke to Pilates instructor, talented singer and skilled Traceuse Awsa Bergstom. Awsa regularly helps the team with stretching advice and ran a workshop at last year's Rendezvous on stretching for Parkour.

How long have you been a Traceuse?

I have been doing Parkour since May 2010.

What Movements are you currently working on?

Dive rolls and I am trying to get to know and remember what I feel like in my max movements (jump, stride, cat leap etc)

What percentage of your training is conditioning?

Not enough. I have been mostly concerned with injury prevention and mobility and just settled with the strength I get through training, in bigger or smaller groups, will be the conditioning I need and get. Wrong. Part of injury prevention is the conditioning- duh! I have no figures though, I just make sure I increase in that area, and can already feel it in my movements- mainly in confidence.


Favourite conditioning exercise? 

When I fix a little hiccup with my shins, it is going to be plyo, plyo, plyo as well as running/sprints and strides.

Who or what is your biggest influence? 

Options is one of my biggest driving forces for doing Parkour. I want to have the option to move however I want, wherever I want. Also at the moment, a certain PKGen team member, Shirley Darlington, who for two years wouldn't do rail precisions and couldn't do big drops or run/stride for shin problems, is now kicking ass in all the aforementioned areas, as well as continuing in the PKGen way of showing that you can have strong, fluid, brave and smart movement without having 10 years of gymnastics behind you (possibly even better without) *deep breath*, is inspiring me.   

Favourite food? 

Home baked bread with butter and Norwegian goats cheese will bring a goofy smile of content on my face any day. Unfortunately it will also put me to sleep straight after. Fortunately...unfortunately (?) I like pretty much everything; fish, butternut squash, pomegranates, lentils, chicken, haloumi, peas, courgettes etc YUM! Just season it!


Three current favourite training music tracks?

They vary a lot.

For conditioning:

"I Need Air" by Magnetic Man- golden oldie Awsa PK classic; embodies everything from frustration to release. I want to sing it one day. 

"Let Me Go" Maverick Sabre - great beat to get focused on.

"Get On It" - by Ruby Goe; cos I do! (although maybe not like Ruby...)

For stretching: ( I have a stretch playlist called 'Stretching is a MUST you dufus!')

"Feather" by Little Dragon  

"A Real Hero" by College feat Electric Youth (from the movie Drive)

"Melt" by Leftfield


Item in your bag you couldn't go training without?

My pink pink lipstick of course. It makes me like totally fly.


How do you approach breaking a jump? 

Visualisation and rhythm. I know fairly quickly whether I can do a jump/it is calling me or if I can't reach. If I can, then I need to do it quickly before I start thinking too much about it and end up in an existential muddle. Because what is life really all about? (Jumping stuff) I also tend to zoom in on a small spot and 'claim it', then jump on it.

One piece of advice to Traceurs just starting out: 

Wax on, wax off. At different paces and different sizes, but never stop.  


Thanks Awsa!

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