James Adams attended many PKGen classes for years and his dedication stood out. He has progressed rapidly since starting training and now helps run the store and trains regularly around London. He's well known for his wit, strength and muscle ups on rings (not easy!).


How long have you been a Traceur?

About 2 1/2 years.

What movements are you currently working on?

Muscle ups / climb ups, and handstands.

What percentage of your training is conditioning?

100% at the moment! Due to a knee injury.

Favourite conditioning exercise?

I've recently discovered a love for L-sits, as much as they don't love me in return!

Who or what is your biggest influence?

Without wanting to embarrass him, probably Blane. Whenever I'm feeling lazy towards an exercise, I always ask myself: 'What would Blane do?' And the answer is always: 'Destroy this.'

Favourite food?


Three current favourite training music tracks?

Placebo - Pure Morning

The Music - Take The Long Road And Walk It

College - Real Human Being

Item in your bag you couldn't go training without?

Liquid chalk - pretty much the only way my sweaty mitts can stay on the rings during a workout!

How do you approach breaking a jump?

I'll try and get myself out of my own way - just stand at the jump trying to empty my mind, until it feels right. Or do something similar and then immediately try the new thing without pause to think.

One piece of advice to Traceurs just starting out:

Just try things - you don't try, you don't succeed.

Thanks James!

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