The Debrief this week meets the final third of Team Farang based in Thailand. Shaun Wood is a talented Traceur originally from Australia who helped us launch Parkour Generations Asia on a rooftop high above Bangkok back in February.


How long have you been a Traceur?

I am have training for 7 years :)

What movements are you currently working on?

At the moment I have gone back to training some of my fundamentals to improve my technique and build power.

What percentage of your training is conditioning?

I spend a bit of time in the gym, so I would say 40% conditioning and 60% movement

Favourite conditioning exercise?

Bench press or push ups. Because I like seeing my chest get bigger haha.

Who or what is your biggest influence?

My team would be my biggest influence. I am absolutely blessed to have two best friends like Anan Anwar and Jason Paul. We work perfectly together and they are an infinite pool of inspiration for me. If I am ever lacking motivation then one of them is there to pull me up and help me push forward.

Favourite food?

A thai dish ka pow gai ( chicken with chili and basil )

Three current favourite training music tracks?

Mainly listen to albums so:

Anything by Barnzy

Drake - Take Care

Mac Millers new mix tape Macadelic.

Item in your bag you couldn't go training without?

My iPhone and 7D.

How do you approach breaking a jump?

I usually train similar jumps for a while until I know that I am capable of breaking the jump I am looking for.

One piece of advice to Traceurs just starting out:

Look after your body from the start. You only get one.


Thanks Shaun!

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