How long have you been a Traceur?

8 years.

What movements are you currently working on?

Improvisation, using music as a tool to clear my mind, just moving to the beat and trying to play the melody with my body :)

What percentage of your training is conditioning?


Favourite strength and conditioning exercise?

All exercises on bars.

Who or what is your biggest influence?

PkGen in conditioning

Daniel Ilabaca in mad jumps

Oleg Vorslav in creativity

Favourite food?

Fruit and nuts :)

Three current favourite training music tracks?

No favourites.

Item in your bag you couldn't go training without?

It's better without a bag :D

How do you approach breaking a jump?

Visualisation, trying to see how I can make the jump in my mind's eye. Another trick is pretending that I already made it and feel really happy :)

Where do you see Parkour in ten years time?

I see parkour like a branching tree. Lots of branches will grow in completely different directions. From sports to arts and from cooperation to competition. Everybody will have plenty to choose from :)

One piece of advice to Traceurs just starting out:

Listen to the language of your body and try to hear what it wants to tell you. Your thoughts will always try to make you similar to somebody big on the parkour scene. But your body will whisper the best way for you to develop.

Thanks Tomas!

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