This week Dan and Stephane have been invited to speak at the Denmark parkour conference at the renowned Gerlev Sport Academy, near Copenhagen, on September 21-22. The event is a rare gathering of academics and parkour experts working to help present our discipline to the world to further a proper understanding of its essence and benefits. 

Dan will now be presenting a new section on the wild nature of parkour and how we need to maintain that original spirit, while Stephane will be expanding on the history of parkour and what contributed to its development and growth. One of the founders of the art, Laurent Piemontesi, will also be taking part. 

Also joining us will be our very own Julie Angel, film-maker and parkour historian, who will talk about the appeal of parkour from an outsider's perspective and what has made it grow so rapidly across the world, and Eugene Minogue of Parkour UK, who will be presenting on the integration of parkour training into the educational establishment and how it has spread across UK schools so successfully.  

The event is hosted by our good friends at Street Movement, who are based in Denmark, and should be a fascinating couple of days with the eyes of Denmark's sporting and educational bodies looking on with great interest. Parkour is set to explode in Denmark, and the global ADAPT coaching qualifications are now being delivered there regularly by Street Movement. 

Should be an amazing event and we'll have a full report in due course!