Dan and Stephane have just left Denmark, where the Parkour summit hosted at BGI college, and organised by our good friends Street movement, has just come to an end. 

The event was a great success, with presentations from the parkour world by figures such as Laurent Piemontesi, Stephane Vigroux, Julie Angel, Dan, Mikkel Thiesen, Mikkel Rugaard and Martin Kallesoe as well as lectures given by leading Danish sports authority and sporting college individuals from BGI and Gerlev Academy, among others. The summit day was followed by a full day of workshops led by PKGen and StreetMovement, along with Yamakasi founder Laurent Piemontesi.

The highlight of the event was the MASSIVE BGI parkour facility, easily the largest in the world, and a simply incredible place to train. You can see a teaser video of the facility, and we hasten to add that this video only shows the inside section of the facility, which has an outside section at least 3-4 times as large as the part you can see..!

PKGen Team Member Alex Pownall is now based in Denmark for the next few months to perform and teach alongside Street Movement, so if you're in that part of the world drop by and say hi!

We'd like to thank Stret Movement, BGI and Gerlev Academy for being such amazing hosts and we look forward to getting back to that facility soon!