Over the past weekend Parkour Generations hid one of our monthly 'All-Access' wristbands worth £75 somewhere in London which will allow one lucky treasure hunter to attend as many classes as they wish for the whole of December. 

All you have to do is find the hidden container with a blue wrist-band and simple code to break. Once you've texted the code to the number in the box you can trade the blue wrist-band for next month's exclusive 'All-Access' band totally for free!

Here is the clue to finding the band...

"Hidden under the power of the sun, this treasure has a birds-eye view of the climbing-grip featured in the photo below!"

Start by finding the climbing grip in the photo below and get searching.

Good luck everyone!


Disclaimer : Please note that Parkour Generations takes no responsibility for your actions and anything you may do to while participating in this competition.


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