Our brand new parkour training facility in the heart of London, L.E.A.P (London Experience of Art du deplacement and Parkour), built in conjunction with the City of Westminster and Parkour UK, is now in the final stages of the build. As you can see from this photo taken on site, the park is going to be quite a sizeable structure, and is solid as a rock. We can't wait to start using it, and will be running several of our Academy Classes there every week as well as running parkour camps for Westminster etc on the facility. It will also be open to the public daily, operated by the staff of the Academy Sports Centre

L.E.A.P has been years in the making, with funding and support coming from various quarters, and is also the first facility in London to receive the London 2012 Inspire Mark, which is an amazing achievement. It is the largest managed parkour training facility in the UK, designed by Parkour Generations Design Team including Stephane Vigroux, Kazuma and Johann Vigroux.

Get ready to L.E.A.P!