So now we get down to the meat n' bones... the ADAPT Level 2 coaching qualification assessments, which run from Monday-Wednesday next week in London. 

The 5-day training course came to an end today, and we've seen huge amounts of effort, focus and enthusiasm put into every day by the candidates who have brought a high level of quality to every aspect of the course. It's been long and hard, but now everyone's attention turns to the actual assessments which commence bright and early on Monday morning and which promise to be both challenging and enjoyable - we hope!

Andy 'Kiell' Day dropped in on one day to capture some of the training course in action, and here you can see one of the candidates - Pete McKee - in full flight during a breaking jumps session and Chau Belle of the Yamakasi founders imparting some of his 20+ years of experience to the group. Kiell will have a gallery of images up soon, which we'll highlight once ready.

Well done to all the candidates for getting this far, and we wish you the best of luck with the assessments... Strength and Honour!

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