This month we will be running a 2-day workshop event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on October 15-16. 

Stephane Vigroux and Dom Willoughby of our Asia branch will be leading the training, and all details can be found on the official event Facebook page. This is the first time we have run a workshop in Malaysia, and we're very excited to meet the community there and share some time and training with them!

For more details, email us on or see the event page above. 


• Instruction from one of the pioneers of parkour, Stephane Vigroux.

• Specialized training “modules” to give you more to improve your training by PKG Asia senior coach Dominic Willoughby 

• Training in local downtown Kuala Lumpur hotspots


You will be able to pick two “modules” to attend in the afternoon of each day of the event. The modules will be a mix of presentation, discussion and application. Think of it this way: You will show up dressed to train, but you’ll want to bring a notebook, too! The modules will give you plenty of information to take away to improve your training after the seminar is over.

MONDAY, 15th October 2012

10:00am Parkour training

11:30am Parkour 101 (beginners only) OR Stealth & Touch

1:00pm Lunch Break

2:30pm Strength + Conditioning for Parkour OR Creativity in Movement

4.00pm Parkour training

5:00pm Cool down / Q&A

TUESDAY, 16th October 2012

10:00am Parkour training

11:30am Stealth & Touch OR Strength + Conditioning for Parkour

1.00pm Lunch break

2.30pm Breaking Jumps (intermediate/advanced only) OR Creativity in Movement

4:00pm Parkour training

5.00pm Cool down / Q&A