We've had it confirmed that  the parkour-based hit game Mirror's Edge is about to have the big-budget movie treatment, which will see the popular character Faith - a futuristic free-running heroine - come alive for the big screen. 

Back in 2008 we helped with the character creation and motion capture for Faith for the gameplay, as well as doing a workshop tour of the UK for EA Games. In fact, the character Faith was based on our first female team member and one of the pioneers of the women's parkour scene in the UK,Tracey. The game was very popular, bucking the trend for violence in games by actually docking points if you were forced to fight opponents rather than using your skills to find a way past them without being seen or apprehended.   

We're excited to see what comes of it as it transitions to the big screen, and we'll keep you posted with any further news that finds its way here...

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